Software Development Services

Our software development front undertakes a wide range of software development projects, such as:

  • Cloud application development
  • Desktop, mobile and web application development
  • Database solutions
  • Big data, Data warehouse and Business Intelligence solutions

With a team of talented software architects, business analysts and qualified engineers, we have mastered cutting edge technologies to provide unique and innovative business solutions to address the most critical and complex business needs of customers.

Technology stack:

  • cloud services: AWS
  • application development: Java, J2EE, PHP
  • database technology: NoSQL, Amazon RDS
  • version controlling: BitBucket
  • performance & load testing: JMeter
  • configuration management: Ansilbe/Ansible Tower
  • deployment: Amazon EC2

As a professional team of developers, we adhere to software development best practices in all our projects.

  • We use a test driven development in most our development projects, so that we can ensure 99% bug-free software, with less development effort and testing.
  • We practice agile approach for product management, so that customer change requests can be adopted and delivered methodically.
  • Primasolv has dedicated environments for development, testing, load testing, pilot run and pre-production so that we can perform adequate testing on application functionality and configuration, so that we can deliver a quality, hassle free end product to the customers.
  • We use proper source controlling, continuous integration and automated builds to reduce development and testing effort.