Cloud Consulting

AWS Cloud Management Solutions

  Cloud Strategy

  • Understanding optimal usage of AWS Deployment

  • Selecting either On-Demand or Reserved AWS plans based on their strategy

  • Reviewing pricing options for informed capacity planning

  • Restructuring (allocation or modification) of EC2 instances depending on business need

  • Reducing volumes of unattached EBS

  Execution & Deployment

  • Tracking cost effectiveness of critical components

  • Reviewing payment details realted to instances - upfront or on-time fees

  • Visualizing usage & peformace related metrics

  • Analyzing distribution & over-time trending on instances

  • Distributing storage by objects, buckets, top-level folder etc

  Monitoring & Support

  • Managing access control to various internal/team & external/customer accounts

  • Defining cost entities or business units as per business logic

  • Optimizing cost per customer or business unit

  • Reporting on P&L, cost over time & customized spending & usage alerts

Application Development

Over the past few decades, Application Development industry has undergone major changes. Not only from the customers perspective but the Development process itself has companies looking for new ideas around designing the optimal application. We at Endurance Group Inc help our customers in creating the application with newer technology and productive software development lifecycyle.





We follow rapid app development methodologies to sync up with the current day technology trends and paradigms. Our specialised process starts with quick prototyping of the application - not just design but code prototypes. For us, Design and Development are not two mutually exclusive phases, but an iterative phase which constantly grow and refine the application both in terms of design and development until its ready for primetime. This is our secret sauce! Making fast yet highly performant applications