Our Team

Our dynamic and energetic team is our key strength. Each member of our team is committed to delivering the best to the clients. We select our team members through a sophisticated selection process, which enables us to select the best in the industry.

Primasolv team consists of:

  • Business team - taking care of project management and business process management. The team consists of project managers, business analysts and business consultants.
  • Technical team - responsible for application design, development, testing and delivery. Technical team consists of a senior architect, technical leads, software engineers, UX engineers and software QA engineers.
  • Infrastructure team - responsible for network security, operations & maintenance, continuous integration, infrastructure management, software licensing, identity management and troubleshooting tasks. The team consists of network engineers and dev-ops team.
  • Marketing team - responsible for building the company image and customer relationships.

All our teams work collaboratively and cohesively, while supporting each other to achieve their corresponding goals. Each team has a team responsible, who would manage the resources within the team. Within the teams, we make sure that we identify the strengths and weaknesses of each team member, and give them ample opportunities to utilize their strengths and skills, and to improve to overcome their weaknesses. As a result, we have developed a set of talented, energetic and capable set of individuals, who always work positively and with enthusiasm, to deliver success to our clients.

While we employee skilled and experienced individuals in each of these teams, we also run a comprehensive apprentice program for students and fresh graduates. The objective of this program is to give a real-world working experience, while polishing up their skills and knowledge. All trainee associates are closely monitored, supervised and guided by experienced employees in their domain.