Established in 2004, PrimaSolv is a Michigan-based technology consulting company, specializing
in Amazon Web Services (AWS) and other cloud services. However, our expertise doesn't end there...

PrimaSolv is a one-stop solution for all your cloud service needs. If you are uncertain of how you
can utilize the unlimited benefits of the cloud technologies to boost your business,
we are here to help you.


What We Do

Efficient systems rely on fluidity between many connected components - think rubik's cube.
Six sides of our solution architecture

Cloud Consulting

PrimaSolv provides a variety of custom Cloud Consulting Services to help enterprises build and implement efficient, scalable cloud IT infrastructure based on current day best practices. Our AWS services are backed by a team of experienced technology people and a global partner network

High Performance Computing

Our team is especially skilled at working with High Performance Computing on virtual machines using Amazon EC2. We ensure your solution is performance optimized by enabling Cluster compute and GPU instance types for maximum throughput

AWS Managed Services

PrimaSolv delivers 24x7 monitoring, maintenance and management services with years of executing, optimizing and maintaining large scale enterprise solutions. We make businesses leverage AWS for complete managed cloud, from disaster architecture of critical IT systems to instances that are ready to scale up at a moment's notice, we are fully equipped to provide you a smooth transition

AWS Migration

Our industry leading migration strategy to Amazon Web Services gets you up and running within days, not weeks or months. It doesn't require an overhaul to your existing code base, as we identify systems with the gretest impact and migrate them while leveraging cost and performance benefits that a managed cloud deployment offers



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